Gymnastics at Cricklade Leisure Centre

Gymnastics is a great way for children to build their co-ordination, strength and confidence. The courses are also designed for children to improve their stamina, fitness and flexibility in a safe and controlled environment. We have lots of fun and challenging equipment for your children to enjoy.

We have courses running Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. The lessons are 60 minutes each and are taught by our enthusiastic instructor Debbie in term time only. For children who are aged 4 – 11 years. These sessions are also only £5.50 each.

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We also have a range of toddler gymnastics courses running on a Monday and Thursday. These courses are also taught by Debbie in term time only and are only £4 a session. For children who are aged 18 months to 4½. These lessons run for 45 minutes each.

For more information about these course please contact the leisure centre on 01793 750011 or email Admin Team